International Jury Award Winners



Golden Rickshaw

Mariam by Sharipa Urazbayeva (Kazakhstan)

for the fascinating portrait of a woman fighting to survive in a traditionalist society.


Rona Azim's Mother

Grand Jury Prize

Just Like That by Kislay (India)

for the sensible portrait of an aged woman who discovers her independence and her liberty after her husband’s death.

Jury Prize (ex-aequo)

John Denver Trending by Arden Rod Condez (Philippines)

for the accuracy of the description of the consequences of a teenage victim through social medias.



Jury Prize (ex-aequo)

A Bedsore by Shim Hye-jung (Korea)

for the subtle description of the end of a life of a person and the consequences on her family and close relatives.





Golden Rickshaw

Jinpa by Pema Tseden (Tibet-China)

for its unique cinematographic style and language.


Rona Azim's Mother

Grand Jury Prize

Rona Azim's Mother by Jamshid Mahmoudi (Iran)

for its true affection for Afghanistan refugees in Iran.

Jury Prize

Sub-Zero Wind by Kim Yuri (South Korea)

for its ability to tell an intense story through a series of small details, great cinematography and meaningful silences, rather than vain words.





Golden Rickshaw

Bagage by Zig Dulay (Philippines)

for its quiet intensity combined with the raw portrayal of the bleak side of the world that overseas Filipina women domestic workers live in. Its affective setting and cinema vérité approach forces the audience to taste, feel, and hear each struggle and nuance as highlighted by the formidable performance of Miss Angeli Bayani as the hapless but unfettered Mercy.


Grand Jury Prize

Goodbye Grandpa by Morigaki Yukihiro (Japan)

For a visually compelling cinematography and a very unique and contemporary take on the dynamics of a dysfunctional family dealing with loss, Yukihiro Morigaki’s first film injects humor and balances light and dark themes effortlessly through the engaging performances of its ensemble cast.

Jury Prize

The Taste of Rice Flower by Pengfei (China)

for the striking contrast of the movie’s colorful and intricate background set against its story’s portrayal of the ever-present conflict between tradition and modernity, the young and the old. It quietly evokes the realism of the struggle to keep up with the rapidly changing world and finding one’s place in all of it.



Special Mention

A letter to the president by Roya Sadat (Afghanistan)

A film that comes at a critical time when the world no longer wants to remain silent on the systemic mistreatment of women. The film manages to let some semblance of hope crawl into its world despite the bleakness of its premise esp through though the gripping performance given by Leena Alam as the main female character who even with her relatively-high stature in society, is subjected to the same abuse from patriarchal figures.



Golden Rickshaw

500M800M by Yao Tian (China)

For depicting the courage of the people living in the mountains in a sensitive and authentical way by the filmmaker.


Grand Jury Prize

Being Born by Mohsen Abdolvahab (Iran)

For the director's delicacy in focusing on contemporary current issues of the societies.

Jury Prize

Going the Distance by Harumoto Yujiro (Japan)

For questioning the limits of friendship and moral engagement.

Special Mention

Hiromi Hagoki for her interpreation in HER MOTHER by Sato Yoshinori (Japan).



Golden Rickshaw

Tharlo by Pema Tseden (China)

for the portrayal of life being a trivial lonesome nothing, but yet something beautiful, somehow.

Wednesday, May 9

Grand Jury Prize

Wednesday, May 9 by Vahid Jalilvand (Iran)

for the different image of the individual human being who challenges the social norms that raise from tradition and family beliefs.

Jury Prize

Under Construction by Rubaiyat Hossain (Bangladesh)

a sensitive and nuanced film about the struggle of identity for women.

Under Construction

Walnut Tree

Special Mention

Walnut Tree by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov (Kazakhstan)

for its quality to make you smile through its funny portrayal of attaching characters entangled  in the many economic, political and poverty problems in their country.



Golden Rickshaw

Bwaya by Francis-Xavier Passion (Philippines)

for its blending of folklore in a remote wilderness to tell a lyrical narrative of compassion.


Grand Jury Prize

Exit by Chienn Hsiang (Taiwan)

for the power and dignity with which the filmmaker depicts an aging woman’s loneliness.

Special Mention (ex-aequo)

One Summer by Yang Yishu (China)

for the originality with which the film sheds light on the paradoxes of society.

One Summer


Special Mention (ex-aequo)

Melbourne by Nima Javidi (Iran)

for posing the question of a human being’s personal responsibility, told in a confined space.





Golden Rickshaw

10 Minutes by Lee Yong-seung (South Korea)

for its simplicity and minimalism and yet clearly presenting personal issues, the reflect, the state of the government and the society.

10 Minutes

Nobody's Home

Grand Jury Prize

Nobody's Home by Deniz Akçai (Turkey)

for its achievement in picturing the colorful landscape of solitude in a complex family life and its subtle questions about the patriarchal eastern society.

Special Mention

Qissa by Anup Singh (India)

for its brave fusion of the historical epic, the transgender film and most unexpectedly, a ghost story.

Qissa, le voyageur solitaire




Golden Rickshaw (ex-aequo)

Jiseul by O Muel (South Korea)

The story of the 1948 massacre in an island of Korea, a reminder of the many killings of common people in today’s intolerant world. The film portrays a game of violence with sheer competence in all areas of filmmaking.



Golden Rickshaw (ex-aequo)

With you, Without you by Prasanna Vithanage (Sri Lanka)

A portrait at once intense and poetic of traumatic conjugal life that reflects the devastation of ethnic conflicts and civil war.

With you, Without you



Grand Jury Prize

Bwakaw by Jun Robles Lana (Philippines)

for its bravery and accuracy of subject matter, its simple and complex acting and delicate expressions of humanity, friendship, love and loneliness.

Special Mention

Japan's Tragedy by Kobayashi Masahiro (Japan)

for its depiction of a nation’s predicaments.

Japan's Tragedy


Special Mention

Yang Shuting 
actress in All Apologies by Emily Tang (China)

for her nuanced embodiment of complex emotions. 

Taraneh Alidoosti

Special Mention

Taraneh Alidoosti 
actress in Modest Reception by Mani Haghighi (Iran)

for her high-power expressions of provocative issues.



Golden Rickshaw

August Drizzle by Aruna Jayawardana (Sri Lanka)

For the creation of an authentic ambiance, the strong delineation of the central character, the raw power of its mise-en-scene and the deft handling of a range of complex interlacing social and personal issues faced by people at the grassroots.. 

August Drizzle

Dance Town

Grand Jury Prize

Dance Town by Jeon Kyu-hwan (South Korea)

For its competent handling of the story of one woman set within a larger and tragic political narrative, and for its clear script and camerawork.

Special Mention (ex-aequo)

Ninoby Loy Arcenas (Philippines)

For the intense and dramatic look it casts on a once wealthy family, mingling new and prevailing social values, and using opera music as catharsis.



Special Mention (ex-aequo)

Future lasts forever by Ozcan Alper (Turkey)

For its cinematographic strength and rhythm which evoke a sense of memory and time, where the haunting beauty of the landscape acts as a counterpoint to the pangs of history.

Le Temps dure longtemps




Golden Rickshaw (ex-aequo) Elkin Tuychiev (Uzbekistan)

For it's different style, which surprised the International Jury in a very good sense.



Golden Rickshaw (ex-aequo)

Addicted to Love by Liu Hao (China)

for its original approach of a difficult topic.

Addicted to Love


Runnings among the Clouds

Grand Jury Prize

Running among the Clouds by Amin Farajpoor (Iran)

For its courage and its style.

Special Mention

Where are you Going by Park Chur-woong (South Korea)

The International Jury would like to enhance South Korean director Park Chur-woong's promising debut feature by granting a special mention.

Where are you Going




Golden Rickshaw (ex-aequo)

No puedo vivir sin ti by Leon Dai (Taiwan)

For its moving critic of bureaucratic failure and evocation of excluded people, a depiction neither sentimental nor aggressive.

No puedo vivir sin ti


Golden Rickshaw (ex-aequo)

Cow by Guan Hu (China)

For the originality of the director's imagination in his use of small people and animals to underline the inhumanity of war.



The Damned Rain

Grand Jury Prize

The Damned Rain by Satish Manwar (India)

For the impressive maturity and restraint of a debut film with a potentially volatile and emotion-charged subject.

Special Mention

Animal Town by Jeon Kyu-hwan (South Korea)

For its frank representation of the horrors in modern urban lives, with an experimental and sincere direction and actors' daring actors performance.

Animal Town




Golden Rickshaw

The gift to Staline by Roustem Abdrachev (Kazakhstan)

For its professional structure and its human message of solidarity between all ethnic people.

Un Cadeau pour Staline


Grand Jury Prize

Pesantren by Nurman Hakim (Indonesia)

For the use of a simple language to depict complex situations.



Golden Rickshaw

The Old Barber by Hasi Chalou (China)

For its authentic story keeping dignity and loyalty in the changing city of Beijing, in globalisation time, and for its subject born from the delicate and subtle directing non professional team.

Le Vieux barbier

Philippine Science

Grand Jury Prize

Philippine Science by Auraeus Solito (Philippines)

For its very high positive energy level, confirming the authenticity of Filipino cinema style and for its remarkable performance of young actors.

Special Mention

Those Three by Naghi Nemati (Iran)

For its cinematographic minimalist and aesthetic approach, its concern and vision about human values in militarised critical situation.

Those Three



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