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Morshedul Islam

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Morshedul Islam

Morshedul Islam


1993: The Wheel
1996: Dipu 2
1997: Dukhai
2001: Brishti
2004: The Alienation
2006: Khelaghor
2009: Priyotomeshu
2011: My Friend Rashed


2013, 2005

Morshedul Islam


Morshedul Islam was born in 1958 in Dhaka. During his pharmaceutical studies, he got interested in cinema. In 1982, he made his debut short feature, Agami, and founded Bangladesh Short Film Forum. In 1993, he directed his first feature movie, The Wheel, which got numerous awards in International Film Festivals.
He attended VIFF of Asian Cinema in 1998 and 2000 to introduce The Wheel and Dukhai.

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