Guimet Jury Award Winners


Jury Prize

Under Construction by Rubaiyat Hossain (Bangladesh)

for the courage of being a film in the heart of a society which does not favor women. A masterpiece!.

Under Construction

Back to the North

Coup de cœur

Back to the North by Liu Hao (China)

for the beautiful photography serving a social and cultural topic, dealing with modern China's population policy. A poetic film.



Jury Prize

Kurai Kurai: Tales of the Wind by Marjoleine Boonstra (Kyrgyzstan, Holland)

for its beautifully-shot landscapes, its culture of storytelling, its poetry and humor, all of these brought together to convey an existentialist, humanist and ecological message. An original screenwriting becomes calligraphy in the snow made of salt and cotton.

Kurai Kurai: Tales of the Wind


Coup de cœur

Bwaya by Franis-Xavier Passion (Philippines)

for its immersion into an unfamiliarculture living on the surface of an aquatic world, thanks to anethereal music. Based on a true story, a story rooted in a long-forgotten era, a today’s myth.



Jury Prize

The Ferry by Shi Wei (China)

for its immersion into an unfamiliarculture living on the surface of an aquatic world, thanks to anethereal music. Based on a true story, a story rooted in a long-forgotten era, a today’s myth...

The Ferry

Summer's End

Coup de cœur

Summer's End by Kumakiri Kazuyoshi (Japan)

The movie depicts perfectly Tokyo in the 1960s and introduces a gallery of complex characters, which are filmed with a great sense of originality and in a very Japanese way. The movie depicts Japanese traditional arts and creative procedures inspired by nature and the sensibility of the protagonists.



Jury Prize

Bwakaw by Jun Robles Lana (Philippines)

for its humanist and sensitive background, its surprising intense characters with rich and unique personalities. A film where death itself is a reminder of life.


Nuit de silence

Coup de cœur

Night of silence by Reis Celik (Turkey)

for a serious situation still existing in many countries. Who is the victim, who is guilty? We were fascinated by the deep humanity of the characters.



Jury Price

Final Whistle by Niki Karimi (Iran)

A very courageous film in such a difficult social and political background. We already knew of this talented woman as an actress and as a film maker and discover her today as a committed producer; a true cinema activist such as our friends Jafar Panahi and Motjaba Mirtahmasb.

Final Whistle


Coup de cœur

Nino by Loy Arcenas (Philippines)

A debut feature with a rich script and original characters in a slow and unavoidable falling apart atmosphere; an intense moment of humanism, poetry and cinema.



Jury Price

Addicted to Love by Liu Hao (China)

Modest, tender and with humor, the film is a glimpse of a world socially erased. Moving characters and the original cinematographic treatment, make a sensible and enthusiastic film.

Addicted to Love


Coup de cœur

P.S. by Elkin Tuychiev (Uzbekistan)

Dictatorship of power, indoctrination, self indoctrination, media and family pressure, social tyranny... The deprivation of freedom pushes a man towards the only escape: 'madness'. Multiplying metaphors, the film leaves the audience with questioning.



Jury Prize

No puedo vivir sin ti by Leon Dai (Taiwan)

For the courageous choice of black and white and the unconventional portrait of Taiwanese society and its minorities; a simple and very sensitive film, emblematic of New Taiwanese cinema.

No puedo vivir sin ti

Supermen of Malegaon

Coup de cœur

Supermen of Malegaon by Faiza Ahmad Khan (India)

A hilarious documentary on the relationship between Indian people and cinema, and between Indian cinema and the West, with funny and moving characters, deeply human.



Jury Prize

100 by Chris Martinez (Philippines)

For his first film, Chris Martinez has chosen a serious and disturbing topic treating it in a very unusual way: humour.


Un Cadeau pour Staline

Coup de cœur

The gift to Staline by Roustem Abdrachev (Kazakhstan)

"The gift to Staline" is a very skilfully shot film dealingwith historical facts unknown by our western world.



Jury Prize

Boz Salkyn by Ernest Abdyjaparov (Kyrgyzstan)

For its authentic characters in remarkable location, its original music by the director himself, a film which subtly denounces an ancient sexist custom which survived throughout centuries...

Boz Salkyn


Coup de cœur

Frozen by Shivajee Chandrabhushan (India)

For the quality of the photo, the audacious choice of black and white, a psychological and philosophical film shot in Ladakh, a turnover in Indian cinema.

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