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An Engineered Dream

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An Engineered Dream


by Hemant Gabat



Director: Hemant Gaba

Script: Hemant Gaba

Cinematographer: Nitesh Kapoor, Shakti Pratap Singh, Shilpi Batra Adwani, Saba Rehman, Vedant Sharma, Hemant Gaba

Editing: Saba Rehman

Sound: Kapil Dev Singh

Music: Avinash Baghel (Ragasur)

Production: Huang Weixian

Hemant Gaba

Year: 2018

Screening: 2019

HD, Color, 48 min, 
OV Hindi with English and French Electronic Subtitles

French Premiere

Career decisions in India aren’t an individual’s choice. Parents, extended families and society at large groom the kids for a predestined career path of engineering or medical science, said the fastest way to start earning good money. They send their children to the hub of coaching institutes, Kota, a city in North-west India. More than 200,000 teenagers in Kota live in cubicle size rooms and study 15 hours a day to prepare for the entrance exam to top colleges with an acceptance rate of less than 1%. The education pressure among students in India is so horrendous that more than 75,000 students had committed suicide between 2007-2016. An Engineered Dream follows the life of four such teenagers in Kota.



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