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The Doctor and the Mountain People

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Le docteur et les montagnards

The Doctor and the Mountain People
(Le docteur et les montagnards)

by Raphael Peretti

Thailand, France


Le docteur et les montagnards

Director: Raphaël Peretti

Cinematographer: Raphaël Peretti

Editing: Raphaël Peretti, Julien Solignac Leconte

Production: YMEDIA Production
7 Bld Maréchal Fayolle
43000 Le Puy en Velay
GSM: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2008

DVD, Colour, 52 min, 
OV Thai and French with French Subtitles

World Premiere

Persecuted by the Burmese army, mountain tribes emigrated in Thailand during last forty years. Today, one million mountain people live in Thailand. Thai government refuses to grant them citizenship. As they cannot go down to the cities, they have no access to education, hospitals, work or property. Politicians, who forbid their traditional slash-and-burn cultivations, leave them no alternative. Every year, rice, their only wealth, dwindles. We follow Dr David going from a village to another through the jungle of northern Thailand. He provides free medical care to the mountains tribes.


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