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In the Battlefields

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Dans les champs de bataille

In the Battlefields

(Maarek hob)

by Danielle Arbid



Dans les champs de bataille

Director: Danielle Arbid

Script: Danielle Arbid

Cinematographer: Hélène Louvart

Editing: Nelly Quettier

Sound: Faouzi Thabet

Art Director: André Fonsny

Cast: Marianne Feghali, Rawia Elchab, Laudi Arbid, Aouni Kawass, Carmen Lebbos

Production: Quo vadis Cinema

Memento Films Distribution
9 cité Paradis
75010 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 2004

35 mm, Colour, 90 min, 
OV Arab with French Subtitles

Directors' Fortnight - Cannes Film Festival 2004

Beirut, 1983. Twelve-year old Lina lives with her family in a country where civil war has been raging for years. Her father is a heavy gambler spending all his money in poker, her mother is depressive and her cantankerous aunt despotically controls everyone. Lina feels close to Siham, her aunt’s servant. Siham is a young woman in love who freely lives her life. Lina dreams she’ll become like her as soon as possible.

The film tells the story of a woman warrior, a woman who declared war with everything. She fights the cruel environment where she is compelled to live. She lives on the razor’s edge, instinctively, as she was taught to. The film depicts Beirut and the war in the 80’s, and beyond the historical chronicle, it also explores how this girl tries to grope her way along, between good and evil”. Danielle Arbid


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