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Ghost in the Shell

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Ghost in the Shell

by Mamoru Oshii






 Director: Mamoru Oshii

Scriptwriter: Kazunori Ito 
after Masamune Shirow's manga

Director of Photography: Hisao Shirai

Production Design: Takashi Watabe

Animation Director: T. Nishikubo


Sound: K. Wakabayashi

Music: Kenji Kawai



Metropolitan Filmexport 
116 bis Champs Elysées 
75008 Paris
Tel.: 0033 1565923
Fax.: 0033 156592310

Year: 1995

Screening: 2001

35 mm, Colour, 85 min, OV Japanese with French Subtitles.


Around year 2020 , thanks to advanced technology, the world is now without borders. Society is entirely dominated by the web and is kept under the control of a totally new form of police. The secret agent of the future is not human anymore. He gets his powers from the high­ ways of information. This is how Puppet Master becomes the perfect international spy. But soon he feels he is a/lve and makes his claim for a real physical existence, which is refused by his creators. A chase is organised to capture him. On his way, he meets major Motoko Kusanagi, a police woman who is the only one to decide whether Puppet Master will reach his aim: to become a human and live outside the web.


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