The Land of the Wandering souls

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La Terre des âmes errantes

The Land of the Wandering souls

by Rithy Panh



La Terre des âmes errantes

Director: Rithy Panh

Cinematographer: Prum Mésar, Roeun Narith, Meng Saing

Editor: Marie-Christine Rougerie, Isabelle Roudy

Sound: Sear Vissal, Roeun Narith

Music: Marc Marder

Production: INA, La sept Arte

4, av de l'Europe
94366 Bry-sur-Marne Cedex
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1999

Beta SP, Colour, 100 min, 
OV Khmer with French Subtitles

In 1999, the first optical fiber cables starts to be installed in Cambodia. This ‘highway’ of information’ aiming to integrate the whole world economy, had to join the one coming from Europe and follow the silk road to connect China. This installation work means the digging a one meter deep trench from the Thai to Vietnamese boarders, in order to bury a cable hardly bigger than a thumb. For many Cambodians, poor peasants, demobilized soldiers, families with no means, this is the occa sion to get work. The trench reveals mines and the haunting presence of millions of dead people without graves whose “wandering” souls harass the survivors. The process of the digging made with pickaxes, hoes or just hands, uncovers the anguish of being able to carry on work while being daily subjected to the economical violence.

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