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Ichikawa Kon

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Ichikawa Kon

Ichikawa Kon

Selective Filmography:

1946: A Girl at Dojo Temple (short, animation)
1953: Mr. Pu
1955: Kokoro
1956: The Burmese Harp
1957: The Hole
1958: Conflagration
1959: Odd Obession
1959: Fires in the Plain
1962: Being Two Isn't Easy
1963: An Actor's Vengeance
1965: Tokyo Olympiad


2019, 2012

Ichikawa Kon

Ichikawa Kon was born in 1915 in Ise, Japan. after attending a technical school in Osaka, he becomes an assistant director. He meets translator Natto Wada at Toho. Seh will be writing scripts for most of his movies. In 1946, he made his debut feature with short puppet play A Girl at Dojo Temple. He will go on to direct over 80 long features. Many features will be selected in nombrous International Film Festivals, but only a few will be released in France. He died in 2008.

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