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Kawashima Yuzo

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Yuzo Kawashima

Selected Filmography:

1944: Kaette kita otoko
1955: Burden of Love
1956: The Balloon
1956: Suzaki Paradise Red Light
1956: Mon quartier
1957: Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate
1959: Room for Let
1960: The Kiss Thief
1960: Soft Touch of Night
1961: Women are Born Twice
1962: Temple of the Wild Geese
1962: Mount Hakone
1962: Elegant Beast




Yuzo Kawashima was born in 1918 in Mutsu. Starting as an assistant director for Minoru Shibuya and Kinoshita Keisuke at Shochiku, he directs his debut feature, Kaette kita otoko, in 1944. After the war, he made many comedies before switching to Nikkatsu when the studio resumed film production in 1955. Kawashima was very prolific, completing 51 films during a career that only lasted 19 years in many different genres. He died suddenly in 1963 of cor pulmonale.

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