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Carlo Enciso Catu

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Carlo Encisco Catu

Carlo Enciso Catu


2012: Wander (cm)
2012: Old Maid (cm)
2015: I Miss You (cm)
2015: Ari: My Life with a King 
2018: Waiting for Sunset
2018: Sweet Potatoes

Selection: 2019

Carlo Encisco Catu

Carlo Enciso Catu was born in Angeles City, Pampanga, on September 26th 1993. He worked as a professional theater actor and eventually wrote and directed children’s theater plays. After a series of short movies, he directed his debut feature, Ari: My Life with A King in 2015 which went on to win several awards. In 2016, he was the youngest director to be nominated for best director award at 39th Gawad Urian (The Philippines’ Oscars).

Praveen Morchahle 

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