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Massoud Bakhshi

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Massoud Bakhshi

Selected filmography:
1999: Cine Citta (doc)
1999: Identification of a Woman (doc)
2001: When Behrang Meets Ayoumi (doc)
2004: Lost Windows (doc)
2007: Téhran has no more Pomegranates (doc)
2008: Bagh Dad Bar Ber
2010: Our Persian Rug (doc)
2012: A Respected Family



 Massoud Bakhshi

Massoud Bakhshi was born in 1972 in Teheran. After earning his high school diploma in photography and cinema in 1990, he worked as a film critic, screenwriter and producer until 1998. He later studied filmmaking in Italy and Cultural Finance in France. He then made documentaries and short films before directing his debut feature, A Respected Family.

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