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Johnnie To

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Johnnie To


1993: Executioners
1999: The Mission
2001: Full Time Killers
2005: Election
2006: Election 2
2007: Mad Detective
2008: Sparrow
2009: Vengeance
2009: PTU 2
2011: Life without Principle
2012: Motorway
2013: Blind Detective
2014: Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2




 Johnnie ToJohnnie To was born in 1955 in Hong Kong. He started working as an executive producer and director for TV shows in 1973. His first audience and critic success was All about Ah Long. His Heroic Trio gained worldwide fame in 1993. In 1996, he founded his own production company, Milkyway Image, which helped him directing commercial blockbusters, as well as more experimental movies. In 1999, The Mission made him the “master of film noir” and has been selected in many festivals all over the world.

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