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Amer Alwan

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Amer Alwan

Amer Alwan

International Jury 2010

Selected Filmography:

1983: Vengeance (short)
1986: Les Pas perdus (short)
2000: L’Irak au-delà du bien et du mal (doc)
2000: The Mandeens of Irak
2000: The Children of the Embargo
2001: Hatra, City of Gods
2001: Kirkuk, the Forgotten Citadel
2003: Zaman, the Man from the Reeds


2004, 2003

Amer Alwan

Amer Alwan was born in 1957 in Babylon-Hills, Iraq. After receiving his diploma from the National School of Drama and Arts, he continued his studies at the Audio Visual School of Baghdad. This allowed him to work at Iraqi Television. In 1980, he left Iraq to prepare and finish a DEA degree in art philosophy in Paris. In France, he has written and published a number of shorts and documentaries.

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