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Roshane Saidnattar

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Roshane Saidnattar

Roshane Saidnattar

International Jury 2011

NETPAC Jury 2014


1995: Danse de Sabar (doc)
2003: Wild Life Protection in Cambodia
2003: Les Larmes des étoiles khmères (doc)
2004: Eclaire et religieuse (short)
2005: Etoiles filantes (doc)
2009: Survive: In the heart of the Khmer Rouge madness (doc)


2011, 2014

Roshane Saidnattar

Roshane Saidnattar was born in 1970 in Phnom Penh from an Indian father and a Cambodian mother. After surviving three consecutive wars, she escapes from Cambodia. She arrives in France at age of 13. She studies cinema at Université Paris VIII, and later on assists Jean-Jaques Annaud, Bertrand Tavernier and Rithy Panh during shootings in Cambodia. She worked for Cambodian services of RFI.

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