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Kiumars Poorahmad

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Kiumars Poorahmad

Kiumars Poorahmad

Selective Filmography:

1976: First session, second session
1984: Swallow, my tree
1985: Tatooreh
1987: Gav-yar
1989: Silence hunt
1992: Shyness
1992: Morning of the Next Day
1994: For the sake of Hanyeh
1994: Bread and Poem



Kiumars Poorahmad

Kiumars Poorahmad was born in 1949. He could not attend High School. Amateur film critic, he also writes scripts. He becomes assistant director of a very popular TV soap. He directs his debut feature in 1976. Member of the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in Iran, he soon becomes a famous film critic, he writes scripts and radio daramas.He is very close collaborator of Abbas Kiarostami.

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