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Vasantha Obeysekere

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Vasantha Obeysekere

Vasantha Obeysekere

Selective Filmography:

1976 : Lost Ones
1978 : Diamonds
1979 : Grass Hoppers
1983 : The Hunt
1995 : The Storm
1999 : Pilgrimage
2004 : Warth & Rain
2006 : Rose
2007 : The Outcast



Vasantha Obeysekere

Vasantha Obeysekere was born during Second World War. He graduated from the University of Ceylon in 1962. He served on the Editorial Staff of the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited from 1964 to 1970. In addition to his editorial work, Obeysekera wrote several short stories during this period. Obeysekera entered the film industry with Seven Seas in 1967 which he co-wrote and worked on as assistant director. In 1970, Obeyskera wrote and directed Masked Men, before obtaining a certificate in "Cinematography" from the Comité de libération du cinéma français in 1971. From there, he directed a series of award-winning long features up until 2007.

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