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Stanley Kwan

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Stanley Kwan

Stanley Kwan

Selected Filmography:

1986: Love unto waste
1987: Rouge
1988: Women
1991: Center Stage
1994: Red Rose, White rose
1997: Still Love You After All This (doc)
1998: Hold you Tight
1998: Yang +- Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema (doc)
2001: Lan Yu
2005: Everlasting Regret
2010: Show Time
2011: 13 Minutes in the lives of... (short)


2013, 2008, 2002

Stanley Kwan

Stanley Kwan was born in Hong Kong. He studied mass communication at Baptist College. He started as an assistant director, before directing his first movie, Women with Chow Yun-Fat. He received an Honorary Golden Cyclo at VIFF of Asian Cinema 2008.

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