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Lino Brocka

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Lino Brocka

Selected Filmography:

1975: Manila - In the claws of the Neon
1976: Insiang
1979: Jaguar
1980: Bona
1985: Bayan Ko: My Own country
1988: Macho Dancer
1989: Prey for us


2019, 2014


Lino Brocka was born in the north of Manila in 1939. He got very early interested within cinema. During his university studies, he worked for two years as a Mormon missionary to cure leprous patients in Hawaii. Back in Manila, he became a drama director, before getting interested in cinema. He directed nine movies for Lea Productions, before founding his own production company Cinemanila. Manila - In the claws of the Neon and Insiang (the first pinoy film ever shown at Cannes Film Festival) gained worldwide recognition.

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