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Davlatnazar Khoudonazarov

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Davlatnazar Khoudonazarov

Davlatnazar Khoudonazarov


1966: Lullaby (short)
1979: First Morning of Youth
1982: Murmurs of a Brook in Melting Snow
1984: Birth (doc)
1985: Sources (doc)
1988: Master (doc)



Davlatnazar Khoudonazarov

Davlatnazar Khoudonazarov was born in 1944 in Khorog. He started working as a cameraman for Tadjikfilm in 1958. He studied filming at Moscow’s VGIK, while directing some documentaries and collaborating with the most famous Tadjik movies back at the time. He joined ex-Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ party in 1989 and became General Secretary of the Filmmaker’s Union.

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