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Naruse Mikio

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Naruse Mikio

Selected Filmography:

1939: A Working family
1951: A Married life
1952: Lightning
1954: Sound of the mountain
1954: Older Brother, younger sister
1954: Late Chrysanthemums
1955: Floating Clouds
1958: Summer Clouds
1960: When a Woman Ascends the stairs
1962: The Repast
1964: Yearning
1966: Moment of Terror
1967: Tow in the Shadow
1967: Scattered Clouds


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Naruse Mikio was born in 1905 in Tokyo to a modest family. He started as a prop master at age 15 at Shochiku movie company. Ten years later, he directed his debut feature, Mr and Mrs Swordplay. He joined Toho Studios and directed the first ever Japanese movie to receive theatrical release in the United States, Wife! Be Like a rose. He directed over 90 movies and is considered one of the most important filmmakers of the 1950s.

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