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Urayama Kirio

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Urayama Kirio

Urayama Kirio


1962: Foundry Town
1963: Bad Girl
1969: The Girl I abandoned
1975: The Gate of youth
1977: The Gate of youth II
1979: Taro, the Dragon boy
1983: Dark Room
1985: Diary of Yumechiyo



Urayama Kirio

Urayama Kirio was born in 1930 in Hyōgo Prefecture. He started working as an assistant director at Nikkatsu Film Studio in 1954. He directed his first movie, Foundry Town in 1962, which was selected for prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Leaving Nikkatsu, he directed his second feature 13 years later, in 1975. He is nowadays considered the least well-known director of Japan’s New Wave. He died in 1985.

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