Inalco Jury Award Winners


Jury Prize

Along the Sea by Fujimoto Akio (Japan - Vietnam)

For his so accurate way of filming a universal story related to a form of modern slavery, in today's Japan where he places his camera as close as possible to his heroines and dares daring sequence shots that deeply involve us in the painful journey of these three characters.


the coffin painter

Special Mention

The Coffin Painter by Da Fei (China)

For the beauty of his images and the brilliance with which he was able to transport us to the confines of contemporary China to tell us a tender and universal story.



Jury Prize

A Bedsore by Shim Hye-jung (Korea)

for tackling with tenderness, in a humorous tone and in an original way old age, immigration and love..



Special Mention

Just Like That by Kislay (India)

for its humanity and its delicacy, show us how essential it is to emancipate from the limits imposed by society.



Jury Prize

Rona Azim's Motherby Jinpa (Iran)

for the accuracy of the story and the characters. The movie tells us an intimate story with universal resonance.



Special Mention

Jinpa by Pema Tseden (Tibet-China)

for its mystery...its originality, audacious beauty and humour, which involve us in this dream along with all its interpretations. A dream which becomes ours.



Jury Prize

Leaf of Life by Ebrahim Mokhtari (Iran)

for the accurate reflection about fiction and reality, the anthropological issue about dealing with traditions, and for the dreamlike charm of pictures.



Special Mention

The Taste of Rice Flower by Pengfei (China)

for the thinking on Chinese society, the depiction of cultural tradition, and for the remarkable photography and beautiful shots.



Jury Prize

Emma by Riri Riza (Indonesia)

For the strong-minded, sincerity and shining mother, the precision of the details, the music and the beauty of the image.


Special Mention

500M800M by Yao Tian (China)

For the quality of images, a daring choice of a heavy societal problem and the trueness of the acting.



Jury Prize

Tharlo by Pema Tseden (China)

For its originality, cinematographic quality – it’s black& white aesthetic and its mise-en-scène - the delicate handling of the question of identity and its definition through its main protagonist.


Being Good

Special Mention

Being Good by O Mipo (Japan)

for its spirit of generosity and passing on values to future generations.



Jury Prize

Melbourne by Nima Javidi (Iran)

for its spirit of generosity and passing on values to future generations.for a powerful script, fine and sharp acting and a story with a universal reach.


A Matter of Interpretation

Special Mention

A Matter of Interpretation by Lee Kwang-kuk (South Korea)

for its poetry, oscillating between dream and reality, shines with its compelling photography and sense of humor.



Jury Prize

Qissa by Anup Singh (India)

for the beautiful script, the quality of acting and the beauty of the picture.


10 Minutes

Special Mention

10 Minutes by Lee Yong-seung (South Korea)

for the original approach of a contemporary topic.



Jury Prize

Atambua 39° Celsius by Riri Riza (Indonesia)

for the theme of a search of identity in post-conflict settings with a remarkable cinematography, treatment of light and colours, and the restraint in the acting.

Atambua 39° Celsius

Modest Reception

Special Mention

Modest Reception by Mani Haghighi (Iran)

for a compelling fable constantly wavering between comedy and tragedy, humanity and cynicism, with universal appeal with brilliant dialogues.



Jury Prize

Final Whistle by Niki Karimi (Iran)

For its commitment in defending social justice and women struggle which are meaningful to us.

Final Whistle

Dance Town

Special Mention

Dance Town by Jeon Kyu-hwan (South Korea)

For its depiction of the city and its way of questioning otherness and assimilation.



Jury Prize

Addicted to Love by Liu Hao (China)

For its sharp and delicate portrayal of characters and the subtleness in describing old people and their place in society today.

Addicted to Love

Riding the Dreams

Special Mention

Riding the Dreams by Girish Kasaravalli (India)

For its singular and enchanted enhancing of the dream world in Indian tradition.



Jury Prize

The Pawn Shop by Milo Sogueco (Philippines)

For its portrayal of the world surrounding the omnipresent pawnshops of Philippines.

The Pawn Shop

The Damned Rain


Special Mention

The Damned Rain by Satish Manwar (India)

For its treatment of village life and farmer issues in rural Maharashtra.



Jury Prize

Daytime Drinking by Noh Young-seok (South Korea)

The INALCO jury has been touched by this paradoxical road movie where the hero looses himself instead of learning. It is a debut film with high control, full of humour and very... misty.

Daytime Drinking

Gulabi Talkies


Special Mention

Gulabi Talkies by Girish Kasaravali (India)

Based on a very original script, this is a sensitive portrayal of a woman with a background, evocation of modern India present contradictions.



Jury Prize

The Red Awn by Cai Shangjun (China)

For the originality of the topic in rural China rarely shown, and the moving relationships between father and son.

Les Moissons Pourpres

Le Vieux Barbier

Special Mention

The Old Barber by Hasi Chaolu (China)

For the quality of the scenario and photo and the main character who witnesses the disappearing of his environment.

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