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(Honja saneun saramdeul)

by Hong Sung-eun



Director : Hong Sung-eun

Script : Hong Sung-eun

Cinematographer : Choi Young-ki

Editing : Hong Sung-eun

Sound : Doluk

Msuic : Lim Min-ju

Cast : Gong Seung-yeon, Jung Dae-eun, Seo Hyub-woo, Park Jeong-hak, Kim Mo-beom, Kim Hanna

Production : 
KAFA Production

Contact : 
M-Line Distribution
3F Mido Bldg., 540-21 Shinsa-dong,
Gangnam- gu, Seoul 06036 Korea
Jin Park

Year : 2021

DCP, Color, 90 mn, OV korean with english and french ST


Selected in Toronto, San Sebastian et Taipei 2021


French first screening






Jina is the best employee at a credit card company call centre. She leads a dull, repetitive life spending most of her time glued to her telephone or television. She is a loner who has not only chosen to be reclusive but who shows no interest in building relationships with the people around her. This solitary lifestyle suits her until her annoying neighbour, who had been trying to get into conversation with her, is found dead. He had been dead for several days. From this moment on, several people she had decided to ignore suddenly start to bother her: her father who badgers her about her mother's inheritance, Sujin, a new recruit who is troublesome but friendly and the nonchalant Seonghun, her new neighbour.

By filming people of different ages who live on their own, Aloners gives us a close view of the workings of a society which is more and more fragmented. By humanising the main characters, it asks the audience this important question: "Which life would you choose to lead?". It reminds us that no matter what times we live in or how old we are, we are all, in some ways, connected to the people and things around us.





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