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(Tori (Kari))

by Kôji Fukada




Director : Kôji Fukada

Sript : Kôji Fukada

Cinematographer : Negishi Kenichi

Editing : Kôji Fukada

Sound : Keefar, Shitou Yuya

Cast : Inoue Minako, Kaneko Takenori, Kibiki Yuko, Morooka Hiroaki, Yoshigai Nao, Ito Tomoyuki

Production :
Kôji Fukada
Eiga Matsuri

Year : 2016

DCP, Color, 7 mn, OV japanese with english and french ST

French first screening


In a flat, a woman is asking a man questions, while a younger woman looks on. It seems that while the woman was out, the man had the young woman come in, then was caught out. The woman who persists in her questioning, the man on the defensive and the young woman who politely begins to slip away... The dialogue of these three, behind closed doors, takes an unexpected turn...

“ This film was destined for a special projection in Tokyo. I agreed on the project because I thought it would be an opportunity to do certain things that I couldn’t do in a long-length film, like using an iPhone to film and adding a sudden, new development. I tried to tackle what bad communication between men and women engenders, as well as the concept of human identity. If you find all this boring, don’t worry. You’ll only have to watch it for 7 minutes !” Kôji Fukada



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