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(Fuchi ni tatsu)

by Kôji Fukada




Director : Kôji Fukada

Script : Kôji Fukada

Cinematographer : Negishi Kenichi

Editing : Kôji Fukada

Sound : Yoshikata Junji

Music : Onigawa Hiroyuki

Cast : Asano Tadanobu, Tsutsui Mariko, Furutachi Kanji, Taïga

Production :
Comme des cinémas
Nagoya Broadcasting Network
MAM films
Tokyo Garage

Distribution :
61 rue de l’Arcade
75 008 Paris
01 55 94 91 70

Year : 2015

DCP, Color, 118 mn, OV japanese with french ST

Un Certain Regard Prize, Cannes 2016
Best Actor Award for AsanoTadanobu, Asian Film Award 2017



In a discreet Japanese suburb, Toshio and his wife Akie lead a seemingly quiet life with their daughter. One morning, an old friend of Toshio’s appears at his workshop, after ten years in prison. To Akie’s surprise, Toshio offers to put him up and give him a job. Little by little, the latter gets involved in their family life, teaches their daughter to play the harmonium, and gradually grows closer to Akie.

“Man lives in society, making people who don’t understand each other cohabit, with the smallest representative unit being the family. Human beings are by nature living entities all carrying within themselves solitude against which they cannot fight. What I would like to portray is a family within which each is aware of this state of things but is obliged all the same to live with the others.... It’s important for me to portray a family which has already broken down because to consider the breakdown of a family as a tragedy is to idealise what it could have been.” Koji Fukada



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