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Au revoir l'été

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Au revoir l'été
(Hotori no sakuko)

by Kôji Fukada




Director : Kôji Fukada

Script : Kôji Fukada

Cinematographer : Negishi Kenichi

Editing : Kôji Fukada

Sound : Jo Keita, Chinso Son, Yoshikata Junji

Cast : Nikaidô Fumi, Tsuruta Mayu, Taiga, Furutachi Kanji, Sugino Kiki

Production :
Kiki Sugino
Wa Entertainment
Kôji Fukada
Tokyo Garage

Distribution :
15 rue des bigots
92 190 Meudon
Guillaume Morel
06 74 86 38 95
09 80 61 59 06

Year : 2013

DCP, Color, 125 mn, OV japanese with french ST

Golden Prize at Nantes 3 Continents Festival
Special Jury Prize at Fribourg Festival (Switzerland)
Official Selection of the Rotterdam Festival



Accompanied by his niece, Sakuko, who is getting ready to go to university, Mikie has returned to his home village to complete the exact translation of an Indonesian novel. The languid summer of the Japanese countryside gi- ves Mikie a good opportunity to pick up again the relationship she had with Ukichi, a past lover and manager of a clandestine love hotel, and for Sakuko to become closer to shy Takashi, a refugee from Fukushima. The summer’s studious projects give way little by little to an emotional, fantastic merry-go-round where refinement and burlesque never quite hide the harshness of contemporary Japan.

“Women are a mystery to me and I am drawn by the desire to understand them by writing from their point of view. However, I take a lot of care when writing a part for a woman. I try to open my imagination and not just describe women as I personally consider them. Japanese society and its cinema are male-orientated and I try not to follow this male vein.” K. Fukada





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