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The Chair

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The Chair


de Kôji Fukada




Director : Kôji Fukada

Script : Kôji Fukada

Cinematographer : Kôji Fukada

Editing : Kôji Fukada

Music : Kôji Fukada

Cast : Inoue Minako, Hosohara Yoshio, Moriwaki Maiko, Kobayashi Ryota

Production : Kôji Fukada

Year : 2001

HD, Color, 95 mn, v.o. japanese with french ST

International first screening 


Izumi has lost his sister in a car accident. Fukushima, an old man, draws portraits. Takashi is a pupil in primary school and his mother, Chie, earns her living in the sex trade. It is the story of four people who are linked by a “chair” in the course of a summer. In this film we find all the themes which will animate the later films of Koki Fukada. This is his first work, which he produced by himself, and made when he was 21 years old.



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