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7 Days War

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7 Days War

by Murano Yûta




Director : Murano Yûta

Script : Ôkôchi Ichirô, d’après le roman Bokura no Nanokakan Sensou de Sôda Osamu

Illustration : Keisin Animation, Shimizu Hiroshi

Music : Ichikawa Jun

Production : Seven Days War Partners

Distribution : 
7 rue du 4 septembre
75 002 Paris
tél : 01 42 93 73 55
fax : 01 42 93 71 99

Year : 2019

DCP, Color, 88 mn, OV japanese with french ST

Annecy Festival 2020



The day before the summer holidays, Mamoru finds out that his neighbour Aya, with whom he is secretly in love, is going to move away. He suggests that they run away for a week to celebrate her 17th birthday. They hide away together in a closed-down factory building where they meet up with their friends. They soon discover that they are not the only ones hiding there. A young refugee from Thailand is trying to avoid being picked up by the police while waiting to join his parents. The joyful escapade imagined by Mamoru then turns into a 7-day war to save their protégé. Learn to doubt, to ask yourself the right questions and face up to problems, without, all the same, doing too much. The message carried by this film rings like a bell, warning our society about the excesses of the Internet and social media.

“I wrote 7 days with a touch of irony, thinking about these adults emerging from Japan’s revolutionary generation, who, in their youth, campaigned for more freedom but, once grown up, discipline their children as they were disciplined in the past.” Osamu Sôda, the author of the novel.



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