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A Mongolian Tale

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A Mongolian Tale 

(Hei jun ma)

by Xie Fei




Director : Xie Fei

Script : Zhang Cheng-zhi

Cinematographer : Fu Jingsheng

Sound : Li Wei, Zhe Yin

Music : Tengger

Cast : Aojirdai, Bayirtcya, Gangbater, Ganghulag, Jirigelasahan

Production : Beijing Youth Film Studio, China Film Co-Production Corporation, Media Asia Films

Distribution : 
Yilisoo Film
23, rue de Richelieu - 75001 Paris
tél : +33 6 81 75 42 85

Year : 1995

HD, Color, 105 mn, OV mongolian with french ST

Bayinbulag and Somiya have been brought up as brother and sister from an early age by their adoptive grandmother, Nai nai. The three of them live happily together in a yurt on the Mongolian steppes. Just before Bayinbulag leaves for the town where he is to study to become a vet, the grandmother tells them that her dearest wish is for the young couple to marry. Bayinbulag, at the same time as his veterinary stu- dies, is working to become a musician. He gives no news for many months and when he returns three years later to marry Somiya, he finds out that she is pregnant. He goes away with a broken heart. Twelve years later, when he has become a famous folk singer, he makes contact again with Somiya. A mother of four boys and a girl, she lives a harsh life married to an alcoholic husband.


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