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Black Snow

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Black Snow 

(Ben ming nian)

by Xie Fei




Director : Xie Fei

Script : Liu Heng

Cinematographer : Xioa Feng

Editing : Zao Qihua

Sound : Wu Ling

Cast : Jiang Wen, Lin Cheng, Yue Hong, Liu Xiaoning, Cai Hongxiang, Liu Bin

Production :
Ningxia Film Group
Youth Film Studio of Beijing Film Academy

Distribution : 
Yilisoo Films
23, rue de Richelieu - 75001 Paris
tél : +33 6 81 75 42 85

Year : 1990

HD, Color, 107 mn, OV mandarin with french ST



Li Huiqian, after several years spent in prison, goes back to live in the house where he grew up, with a few old women for neighbours. A dif- ficult return for the young man, who ends up finding a job selling clothes in the market. He falls in love with a young singer but his attempts to keep on the straight and narrow are continually thwarted, and unfortunately he lets himself be drawn to his old, local gangster friends.

“The title of the film gives us a clue as to its outcome : Li Huiqian is condemned from the beginning, by fate as much as by the “Black Snow events'', condemned by his deep-rooted candour, and intrinsic to that same quality, by his incapacity to adapt to the unstable, wild world which urban China of the economic miracle has turned into. Li Huiqian is a romantic, lost in the city jungle. The part is played superbly by Jiang Wen.” Brigitte Duzan


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