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Boats out of Watermelon Rinds

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Des Bateaux d'écorce de pastèque

Boats out of Watermelon Rinds

(Karpuz kabugundan gemiler yapmak)

by Ahmet Uluçay



Des Bateaux d'écorce de pastèque

Director: Ahmet Uluçay

Screenplay: Ahmet Uluçay

Cinematographer: Ilker Berke

Editing: Mustapfa Preseva, Senad Preseva

Sound: Ender Akay

Music: Alper Tunga Demirel, Ender Akay

Cast.: Smail Hakki Taslak, Kadir Kaymaz, Gulayse Erkoc, Boncuk Yilmaz, Hasbiye Gunay, Mustafa Coban, Fizuli Caferov, Ahmet Uluçay, Aysel Yilmaz

Production: IFR

ASC Distribution
238 rue du Faubourg St Antoine
75012 Paris
Tel: 0033-

Year: 2004

35 mm, Color, 97 min, 
OV Turkish with French subtitles

Best Film Ankara International Film Festival 2005

We are in Tepecik, an Anatolian village, in the sixties. Recep and Mehmet are two young farmers apprenticed one to a hairdresser and the other to a watermelon seller. Both are mad about cinema. At night in an abandoned cowshed, they try to build a makeshift projector under the eyes of Omer, the village idiot. They dream of becoming directors, which would totally change the course of their lives. One day, Recep meets Nezihe who is a widow. He promises he will bring her watermelons every day. This is how he is introduced to her elder daughter Nihal and Güler, the younger one. As his visits go by, Recep falls in love with Nihal, while Güler feels attracted to Recep…
“Boats Bound-of-Watermelon Rinds”- an expression invented by Kemal to illustrate the difficult objectives to achieve - is a largely auto biographical film full of freshness and emotion.


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