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All under the Moon

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All under the Moon

(Tsuki wa dotchi ni dete iru)

by Yoichi Sai




Director: Yoichi Sai

Script: Chong Wui-sin, Yoichi Sai, after Sogil Yan's novel

Cinematographer: Junichi Fujisawa

Sound: Masatoshi Saito

Music: Norman Orenstein, Masahide Sakuma, Yuukadan

Cast: Gorô Kishitani, Ruby Moreno, Moeko Ezawa Moeko, Masato Furuoya

Production: Cine Qua Non Films


Year: 1993

35 mm, Color, 109 min, 
OV Japanese with French Subtitles

Tadao (Goro Kishitani), a North Korean immigrant who works in a taxi cab corporation wholly owned by another Korean immigrant whose dream is to build a golf course.

Tadao's mother owns a karaoke bar.

Connie, a Filipino immigrant, is the newly hired bartender who can fluently speak Japanese. Love-starved Tadao takes an interest on the homesick Connie to Tadao's mother's dismay.

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