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Somersault in a Coffin

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Somersault in a Coffin

(Tabutta Rouasata)

by Dervis Zaim




Director: Dervis Zaim

Script: Dervis Zaim

Cinematographer: Mustapha Kusçu

Music: Baba Zula Yansimamar

Cast: Ahmet Ugurlu, Tuncel Kurtiz, Aysen Aydemir

Production: IFR

Distribution: Keriman Ulusoy

Year: 1995

35 mm, Color, 76 min, 
OV Turkish with French Subtitles.

NETPAC Aard, Amiens Film Festival 1997
Special Jury Mention and Critics' Prize at Montpellier Film Festival 1997

Mahsun is an alcoholic and a street sleeper, known to the Istanbul cops as an expert car thief. Essentially a picaresque account of this human wreck's exploits, which include a turbulent relationship with a junkie prostitute and the theft of a peacock from a national park, the film uses Mahsun as an index of the currents of fear and loathing which it sees permeating life in 'modern' Turkey.

« Could you jjump into a coffin? No?! But you are jumping into it every day. You try to stand on your feet in the most impossible conditions. You have a terrible strength. You are Turkish? You are truly a miracle». A miracle told by Dervis Zaim. He defends marginalized people in Turkish modern society in a very simple, warmful and realsitic way.


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