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base filmbis


by Choymbolis Jumdaan



base filmbis

Director: Choymbolis Jumdaan

Script: S. Bayarsakhan

Cinematographer: J.L. Vialard

Cast: Bayarsaikhan, A. Sodgerel, G. Raydan, Tsengel

Production: Seven Stars Ltd RGP, Sky Line, Lungta SARL

Distribution: Les Films de l'Atalante

Year: 1994

35 mm, Color, 83 min
OV Mongol with French Subtitles

Tamir, who was raised in the traditional Mongolian peasant tradition by his grandfather, wants to be a boxer. In the country’s capital, Ulan Bator, he’s taken up by top boxing coach Bold, and soon falls for Bold’s comely daughter, Sarangua, a sophisticated young woman with Western tastes and a French boyfriend on the side. In the timeless tradition of other boxing mellers, Tamir takes to drink and neglects his training because of the faithless femme. An added wrinkle is the death of a poet friend, Damdin, in a fight for which Tamir is blamed.

Since 1989, Mongol movie industry has to adapt to new free market and International values.

C. Jumdaan is part of young directors, who try to produce their movies in an independant way. He is fighting for renewal of old Mongol traditions.


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