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My Childhood

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My Childhood


by Menduh Un




Director: Menduh Un

Script: Menduh Un, Marcit Koper

Cinematographer: Orhan Oguz

Music: Cahit Berkay

Cast: E. Akyldiz, M. Samancilar, Günay Girik, Meriç Basaran

Production: Kadri Yurdatap, Pour Mine Film

Distribution: Cinéma Public Films

Year: 1993

35 mm, Color, 85 min, 
OV Turkish with French Subtitles

The Master Director, Memduh Ün’s, adaptation of Muzaffer İzgü’s autobiographic novel focuses on Muzo’s story, who lives in a poor neighbourhood of Adana with his elder brother, mother and unemployed father in a shanty. Zıkkımın Kökü, depicts the dreams of a little boy, his love for the cinema and his exciting teenage years, with great sensitivity.

The movie depicts a very important historical period, Turkey after Atatürk. Studies and hard-working are a promise for a better living than the previous generation.

« … That's exactly what is important in this movie, a child who is both a child annd a man, a child who becomes an adult without ever ceasing being a child. ». Jean Roy.


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