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Molom: A legend of Mongolia

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Molom: A Legend of Mongolia

by Marie-Jaoul de Poncheville



base filmbis

Director: Marie Jaoul de Poncheville

Script: Marie Jaoul de Poncheville, Alice de Poncheville

Cinematographer: J. Besse

Interpreter: Tseredordj Yondejunai

Production: Marie Jaoul de Poncheville

Distribution: Cinéma Public Films

Year: 1995

35 mm, Color, 93 min, OV with French Subtitles

Molom, a god come to Earth in the form of an old man, finds Yonden, a young boy abandoned by a drunken father and raised by wolves, and takes him with him on a journey across the Mongolian steppes. The journey toward civilisation becomes one of understanding as Yonden starts to learn the Buddhist ways and discover the ‘most valuable pearl’ within himself.

A very good opportunity to discover Mongolia's incredible landscapes, but the movie is not all beauty. The landscapes show us both the countryside, but also the universal feelings Yonden will discover: generosity, humanity and pity.


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