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The Maternal Link

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The Maternal Link


by J. Binder




Réalisateur : J. Binder

Photo : J. Binder

Production : Binder Productions

Distributeur : Les Films de l'Atalante

Année : 1992

HD, Couleur, 85 mn, 
v.o. mongol s.t.f.

Tovuu who was in love with childhood friend Burmaa, has finaly decided to marry another girl, Yangin. After the later has lost a first baby, she can no longer bear another child. Burmaa, on her side, has lost eyesight. She lives close to Tovuu and Yangin. Tovuu helps the blind woman with everyday's work. He finaly decides to jave a child together with her, so the kid would take care of her future mumd. Yangin grows very jealous of Burmaa. When the baby is eventually born, Burmaa cannot take care of it, because of her handicap. One day, she leaves for town, asking Tovuu and Yangin to take care of her child…

A beautiful movie in Black and White. Tovuu, Burmaa and Yangin's story shows us a little bit about life in contemporary Mongolia. With a very limited budget, Binder takes on both very universal and very local topics.


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