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Woman Sesame Oil Maker

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Women sesame oil maker from the lake of scented souls 

(Xiang un nü)

by Xie Fei




Director: Xie Fei

Script: Xie Fei after Zhou Daxin's novel

Cinematographer: Bao Xiaoran

Music: Wang Lipin

Cast: Siqin Gaowa, Wu Yujuan, Lei Keshen, Chen Baoguo

Production: Les Studios Tianjin, Changchun Films, China Film Group Corporation

Year: 1993

HD, Color, 105 min
OV Mandarin with French Subtitles


Illiterate villager Second Sister Xiang was sold as a tongyangxi (child bride) to her present husband, a man with a lame leg, when she was seven. She has an intellectually disabled son Dunzi, who suffers from epileptic fits and is now grown up, and a younger daughter Zhi'er. Through her diligence she has started a successful sesame oil mill and now becomes the richest person in her village. A Japanese businesswo- man decides to invest in her business after visiting her mill. Meanwhile, Sister Xiang tries to find a bride for her son.

In China's Southern countryside, profoundly marked by the country's latest changes and the modernization of communatary traditions, Xie Fei imagines a drama, which might be a metaphor for the country's changes. Xie Fei's movie is a story which starts again over and over: oppression of a woman on her older sister.Miss Xiang is played by Siqin Gaoxa, a star born in Mongolia.




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