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The Waiting Room

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The Waiting Room


by Cheng Herng Shinn

Singapore, United-Kingdom


Director: Cheng Herng Shinn

Script: Cheng Herng Shinn

Cinematographer: Cheng Herng Shinn

Editing: Will Winfield

Music: Stefano Fasce

Prod : Cheng Herng Shinn

Contact / International Sales:
Cheng Herng Shinn

Year: 2018

Screening: 2019

HD, Color, 22 mn 
OV English, Mandarin, Hokkien with English and French Electronic Subtitles 

World Premiere

An elderly man stuck in a Singapore nursing home decides to break out of the home for a night and return to his bad habits. But a turn of events forces him to reckon with the damage that wanton life he once led, has caused to his now estranged son.

Nobody wants to die alone. That was the premise I had when I set out to film this story. The central question which always propels me is: "What do we do with the limited time we have on this earth?" I wanted to look at mortality stuck behind institutionalized care. What I found was John who was not willing to give up just yet”. Cheng Herng Shinn



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