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I am a Chengguan

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I am a Chengguan


by Yang Yang




Director: Yang Yang

Cinematographer: Yang Yang, Tang Xiangdong, Zhong Weichao, Li Wanping, Wei Siwei

Music: Wang Jian

Jincheng Rafters
Film Studio

Tel: +86 15657123026

Year: 2017

HD, Colour, 50 min, 
OV Mandarin with French and English Electronic Subtitles

World Premiere

In Qilihe, in Lanzhou district in North China, the shopkeepers of the streets are in conflict with the police and the town planning. Everyone stands firm: the government officers working to turn Qilihe into a modern city where life is pleasant, and the shopkeepers defending their livelihood. The director follows them during two years. They finally agree on a common aim: to improve the quality of life in the city and make it more pleasant for everyone, so that the authorities would not interfere anymore and the citizens would be the only ones to manage their town.


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