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Life is Wonderful

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Life is Wonderful


by Azamat Sharshenov




Director: Azamat Sharshenov

Cinematographer: Azamat Sharshenov

Editing: Azamat Sharshenov

Music: Murzali Zheenbaev

Azman Studio

Azamat Sharshenov
Zhibek Zholu st 625
Bishkek 720000
Tel: +996 555 160193

Year: 2017

HD, Colour, 50 min, 
OV Kyrgyz with French and English Electronic Subtitles

International Premiere

Dima lives with his wife Maksat and their son Akhmed in a meagre flat in Bichtek, the capital of Kirghizstan. The documentary follows them in their daily life that seems ordinary, except that the three of them are blind. Therefore, the most obvious gestures of daily life sometimes becomes difficult... which makes young Akhmed very happy: as the only family member able to see a little he comically takes advantage of the situation from the top of his eight years. For more than forty years, Dima has been teaching every day in a secondary school in his neighbourhood. He recalls the evolution of his pupils' profile in the last decades, as well as of his government, and how his country lacks structures to help disabled people. It is a documentary filled with exemplary humanity and a positivism.


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