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Norjmaa's Destiny

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Norjmaa's Destiny

by Natsagdorj Tumur



Director: Natsagdorj Tumur

Scriptwriter: N. Tumur, Lev Sheffer

Cinematographer: Demberel Baldan, Demberel Sereeter, Alexei Lebedev

Editing: Tumur D., Kuvshinchikova

Sound: Demberel Sereeter

Cast: Legjmaa Natsag, Khand Nomttaishir, Puntsag Gunsen

Mongol Kino

Mongol Kino


HD, B & W, 24 min, OV Mongol with French Subtitles

With support of Mongol Kino and Embassy of France in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Oulan-Bator, 1930s. Neighbors Norjmaa and Tserendulam are both pregnant. Having had two consecutive miscarriages, Norjmaa asks a lama to oversee her third pregnancy, while Tserendulam trusts modern medicine. She very often goes to hospital for proper follow-up. Norjmaa’s Destiny has been shot during era of transition of 1930s.
Pretending an awareness campaign, Russians wanted most overall reduce the importance of Buddhist and animistic thoughts conveyed by over 700 monasteries.
This movie is another proof of how to use cinema as a propaganda tool, but also serves as a precious sociologist document of past era..

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