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Vent de folie à la ferme (Wind of madness at the farm)

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Wind of Madness at the Farm

Collection of short movies by Aviz Mirfakhraï, Ahmad Arabani, Abdollah Alimorad





1. The Duck and the Farmer

Director: Aviz Mirfakhraï

Animation: Aviz Mirfakhraï

Cinematographer: Mohammad-Rahim Bakhtiari

Editing: Changuiz Sayyad

Year: 2005

DCP, Colour, 6 min, modeling clay


2. Treasure 

Director: Ahmad Arabani 

Scriptwriter: A. Arabani after an original idea by Ali Khakbazan 

Cinematographer: Vajiollah Fard Moghadam 

Editing: Changuiz Sayyad 

Music: Fariborz Lachini

Animation: Ali Ashgarzadeh, Mohammad Feyzabadi

Year: 1989 

DCP, Colour, 10 mn, drawing on cells


3. The Farmer and the Robot

Director: Abdollah Alimorad 

Scriptwriter: Ebrahim Forouzesh

Cinematographer: Mohammad-Rahim Bakhtiari

Editing: Mohammad Nasser

Music: Bahram Deghanyar

Animation: A. Alimorad

Puppets: Manu Kashian

Costumes: Hoda Azimi

Year: 2011

DCP, Colour, 10 min, puppets



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The Duck and the Farmer (Ordak va Keshavarz)
A lazy farmer has to take a new look at himself in front of his obedient servant, the duck!

The Treasure (Ganj)
A peasant’s life becomes totally upside down when he discovers a treasure in his field!

The Robot and the Farmer (Keshavarz va Robot)
A strange vessel coming from nowhere lands in the middle of a watermelon field as a matter of emergency, under the eyes of a panic-stricken farmer and his faithful donkey.


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