Postman Blues

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Postman Blues

(Posutoman Burusu)

by Sabu



Postman Blues

Director: Sabu

Script.: Sabu

Cinema.: Kuriyama Shuji

Edit.: Kakesu Shuichi

Music: Okamoto Daisuje, Sato Koya

Art. dir.: Nishimura Toru

Cast: Tsutsumi Shinichi, Tohyama Keiko, Ohsugi Ren, Horibe Keisuke, Shimizu Hiroshi, Takizawa Ryoko

Production: Katashima Ikki, Maki taro, Odawara Akiko, Satani Hidemi

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Year: 1997

35 mm, Color, 110 min, Japanese with French subtitles

Sawaki works as a postman in Tokyo and his life is a desperate daily routine. One day during his round, he meets his old class mate Noguchi who has become a yakuza. He drops drug and... his little finger in the postman’s mailbag. The police tails Sawaki. In the same evening, the young postman starts reading the letters from this bag. He is very moved by a letter written by a young woman hospitalized for cancer treatment. He decides to meet her and becomes friendly with professional killer Joe, who is also hospitalized for treatment. Sawaki’s accidental encounters have convinced the police he is criminal, he is unknown from the Police Department hence all the more dangerous. His life then becomes much more exciting than he could have ever dreamt of.

A hilarious mirthful pastiche of a gangster film! 
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