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Letters to an Angel

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Lettres à un ange

Letters to an Angel

(Pisma angelu)

by Ermek Chinarbaev



Lettres à un ange

Director: Ermek Chinarbaev

Script: Ermek Chinarbaev, Ben Hopkins, Marina Bartinova

Cineamtographer: Alexeï Arsentiev

Editing: Roberto Silvi

Sound: Gulsara Mukataeva

Music: Aktoty Raimkulova

Cast: Aiganym Sadykova, Amir Alpiev, Ilya Lubimov, Nikoloz Tavadze, Saule Suleimenova

Production: Eurasia Film Production, Gulnara Sarsenova

Year: 2009

Beta Num, Colour, 92 min, 
OV with Englis Subtitle
French Electronic Subtitles


On a winter night, Gulnara meets a novelist by chance, brings him to her house, and spends the night with him. The writer tells Gulnara an interesting original story he wrote and Gulnara tells him a story in response. It is about her past when she was in love with two men at the same time. But while they exchange their stories, the boundary between truth and fiction gradually becomes hazier and turns into an obscure Arabian Nights.

The film follows the two main characters arguing on something which happened in the past.


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