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Unknown, Presumable French

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Inconnu, présumé français

Unknown, Presumable French

by Philippe Rostan



Inconnu, présumé français

Director: Philippe Rostan

Script: Philippe Rostan

Cinematographer: Charles Rostan, Wilfrid Sempé

Editing: Nguyen Minh-Tâm

Sound: Bruno Tarrière

Filmover Production
11-17 rue de la Chine
75020 Paris

Véronique Encrenaz
Tel: 0033
Philippe Rostan

Year: 2009

35 mm, Colour, 56 min, French Version

During the Indochina war, thousands of Eurasian children were born from French fathers, mostly unknown, and from Vietnamese mothers. Rejected from both sides by the French and Vietnamese, their life of outcast represented a threat for the colonial order. As their number increased, a decree naturalized them. At the end of the war, they are put in orphanages and ‘repatriated’ to France, often against their mothers’ will.

Unknown, Presumable French is the very first film dealing with this theme of persons of mixed-race from the colonies, which for a long time remained a taboo in French society.


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