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Our Heedless Wars

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Nos guerres imprudentes

Our Heedless Wars

by Randa Chahal Sabbag



Nos guerres imprudentes

Director : Randa Chahal Sabbag

Script: Randa Chahal Sabbag

Cinematographer: Frédéric Labourasse, Roby Breidy, Hassan Naamani, Lionel Cousin

Editing: Yves Deschamps, Pierre Camus, Eric Munch, Nadia Ben Rachid, Catherine Bonétat

Production: Archipel 33, La sept Arte, Leil Productions

Archipel 33
52 rue Charlot
75003 Paris
Tel: 0033
Fax: 0033

Year: 1995

Vidéo, Colour, 61 min, 
OV Arabic and French with French Subtitles

Beirut, September 1994. The systematic reconstruction of the city begins. The civil war which started in 1975, ended two years before. Coming from a family politically and military involved in the conflict, Lebanese film-maker Randa Chahal Sabbag depicts seventeen years of war in a very personal way. She uses her own archives and family videos or 16m/m films shot between 1975 and 1994. She records her conversations with her mother in Tripoli, her brother in Paris and her father in Beirut. She recalls her father who died during the war, and goes back to the ruins of a city whose reconstruction means the disap pearing of a part of her life. Can one regret the war?


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