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On Borders

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Aux frontières

On Borders

by Danielle Arbid



Aux frontières

Director: Danielle Arbid

Script : Danielle Arbid

Cineatmographer: Rémond Fromont

Editing: Agnès Mouchel

Sound: Olivier Hespel

Sound Mix: Philippe Baudhuin

Music: Soapkills

Production: Movimento Production, Versus Production, Arte, RTBF, WIP

Year: 2003

Beta SP, Colour, 60 min, 
OV Arabic with French Subtitles

“I spent 4 weeks, 3 nights and 2 days shooting in a country which has two names: Israel and Palestine. I never crossed any frontiers. I looked at it as people from outside do, fantasising about it, despising or loving it. My film retraces my wandering in a country which is as haunting as inaccessible.” Danielle Arbid. To portray a country without going there and yet with a vision every second, is Danielle Arbid's challenge with this sincere and committed documentary. It is a film about encounters, as well as a very personal work. During these encounters, men and women in their own different way, state the suffering of not living in “their country” any more. Some are revolted, others feel sad or resigned".


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