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Strange Jobs

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Etranges métiers

Strange Jobs

(Nghe la)

by Lê Kieu Nhi



Etranges métiers

Stills with sound

Director: Lê Khieu Nhi

Cinematographer: Lê Khieu Nhi

Editing: Nguyen The Hung


Mr Genius Lamp

Director: Lê Khieu Nhi

Cinematographer: Nguyen The Hung

Editing: Viet Long


Production: Saigon Media Film


Year: 2008

DVD, Colour, 34 min, 
OV Vietnamese with French Subtitles

International Premiere

Stills with Sound (Goi tiêng cho hinh)

With his enthusiasm for his career, Minh Khanh has done a thing like "making sound for the still image" with the coarseness tools which he created during the 30ies. With endless creation and learning, he seems to have no problem in making any sound.

Mr. Genius Lamp (Doi Nha)

When we think about moving a house or a big construction, we should think that is an impossible mission which only the genie of the lamp in the folk tales may be can do. However, in Vietnam, there is a genie can do such an incredible thing like that, though he is just a normal farmerwith his many creativities.


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